This Morn' Omina

This Morn' Omina - The Drake Equation

Rating: A

A while back I made a mistake. I was searching for a new CD to please my ears, I came across This Morn' Omina's The Drake Equation. I was expecting something more along the lines of stompy powernoise or perhaps even something reminiscent of Ah Cama Sotz, but instead found myself actually surrounded by tribal percussion. This could get interesting I thought, while listening to the second song, "(fp)". Yeah this is progressing nicely, the tribal percussion is picking up a nice beat is pounding and oooh, techy (techno) synths, I like techy synths, but why is this in the industrial section? Ahah! Speaking of the devil, some nice rhythmic noise pads, I rather like this. So what was the mistake? The mistake my friends is that the CD I picked which introduced me to This Morn' Omina was only half an hour long and god damnit I wanted more!

With tracks like "(fl)", I found myself occasionally hitting the repeat button. With the techy synths, exotic chanting and a clunky beat which just swoops in and grabs your attention, its hard not to. It is tracks like this that made me listen to the disc at least twice a day.

Like other CD's by This Morn' Omina, The Drake Equation has an astronomical theme. As stated by the CD booklet, the Drake Equation was created to "discuss the search for intelligent life in the milky way galaxy". With the length of the songs in decimals printed beside the song names (which are all named after variables in the mathematical formula) it leaves one wondering if these numbers lead to some type of answer to the Drake Equation.

This Morn' Omina is wicked and The Drake Equation is no exception. If you like This Morn' Omina you know what to expect (which is awesome) and if you have not yet heard them, this is one to check out.

- Kyle Duffield (January 2005)


This Morn' Omina
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