s:cage - REMOTE

Rating: A

Since I heard the s:cage track on the "sub.session: Volume One" compilation I eagerly awaited the release of an album. After much searching, "Unfold Pt.1" unfortunately appeared to be the only track available at the time. I therefore reached a very logical conclusion, I wanted to hear more fucking s:cage! How could I have not? With cold scratching sound textures, melodic keyboards and a beautiful very natural sounding drum the track just sounded powerful. So now that all that time has passed, did the debut album, Remote, live up to my own hype? You bet it did.

Describing s:cage's sound is a bit tough to put into a defined genre. Haunting ambient atmospheres with layers of slightly noisy mechanized beats come together to form beautiful soundscapes, barely reminiscent of Gridlock at times. For instance in the song "Archaic", a slow echoing machine sample builds with rhythmic layers, until before the listener has noticed it has erupted into a rattling mechanical orchestra with deep sinister sounding keyboards.

None of the tracks on this album are bad and with each listen it becomes evident that had much time and thought put into them. By this I mean this isn't a minimal sounding repetitive drone (like many power noise acts I have heard as of late), each song has been wonderfully crafted and slowly builds into alluring hypnotic rhythms which entice the listeners aural senses. The less evident delicate aspects of the album are what make it so strong.

s:cage is definitely a project which future endowments are already anticipated. Recommended to fans of Antigen Shift, Orphx and Gridlock.

- Kyle Duffield (September 2004)


Ant-Zen Records




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