Ovro & Niko Skorpio

Ovro & Niko Skorpio: Live in Placard #7

This release I found to be less exciting than Ovroís Malice in Underland, however it is still wholly worth hearing and still retains some of the strangeness, strength and wonder. Many of the songs from Malice are repeated in live versions, which are of equally high quality. I think what taxes my interest is the cleaner quality of recording and production which is antithecal to Maliceís power in lo-fi sound and bizarreness in the hissy crackle of lower end experimentation, forcing the listener at times to wonder if it is just a total fuck around with no music made strictly from found sounds. However with the production on Placard, that element is lost, the tracks sound very synth based and miss a sort of eerie resolve; that forceful questioning and melancholy brooding. Yet by no means is this a total condemnation of said album. The tracks are still excellently executed, the sounds are still emotionally appealing sensory attacks. And I havenít even mentioned the second artist on here. Niko Skorpio is a nice juxtaposition to Ovroís sound, as they make a more majestic but equally as menacing mess. While Ovroís ambience has a coldly schizophrenic, more melancholy feel, Skorpio sounds a bit more toned psychedelic, while managing a certain anthematic quality. The mood transitions very nicely with a collaborative track, which showcases elements of both styles. A nice ambient mess of sounds. Overall makes nice chill out music. Truly headphone music for headphone people. However for me a lot of the originality is lost in trying to make a smoother sounding album. Not necessarily a bad thing, but Iím petty.

- Vizgig (July 2005)


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