Fractured - Contami-Nation

Rating: B

Local Toronto act, Fractured, blows us away with his debut release. If you like dark and fast industrial music, you will love this CD.

Set in a very black atmosphere of subdued aggression, each song delivers a kick and jolt without being obnoxiously 'in your face'.

This music is definitely for clubs with its high intensity and fast beats. You can picture the hair and chains of the industrial-dancing-types vigorously moving about the dance floor with that look of aggressive satisfaction on their faces as they work up a sweat.

Contami-Nation fires you up. I repeat, "This is not a downer CD!" If you are a fan of Tactical Sekt, Grendel, Hocico, Suicide Commando, and the like, you will probably like Fractured even more.

The vocals are heavily distorted like screaming whispers and are not varied from song-to-song, but it blends so well with the musical style, you wouldn't want it any other way. Some perfectly placed samples throughout the album add some nice variety as well.

Throw this CD on right before you go out clubbing, or to inspire you to take that action you've been meaning to do for too long (such as dumping that loser you're dating). This one will fully satisfy and thoroughly invigorate your action-aching minds.

- DJ Morgana (May 2004)






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