CTRLer - International HiTech Noize

Rating: A-

Drum 'n' bass, electric guitars, soothing/melodic piano, singing, yelling, rapping, and operatic vocals, hard beats and break beats, crunchiness, and pounding rhythms all describe International HiTech Noize.

The first release on the band's new label, Error Deluxe Records, International HiTech Noize encompasses a spectrum of sounds to titillate our senses. The CD is broken into two parts: HiTech Noize, which contains the ‘louder', more pounding rhythmically 'noisy' tracks, and International Xperimentation, which contains the slower, groovy and reflectively intense selections, for the most part. The CD ends (just before a brief, upbeat, hidden instrumental track) with my favourite, the pleasingly aching, sad, slower track, Suffer AM.

From start to finished you'll be entertained by the high quality of this release on numerous levels. To start, the aesthetic of the CD, itself, and the website are both beautiful. But you'll find that the band's impeccable sense of design is topped by their keen sense of composition with each track.

The band creates succinct songs that have every element you'd hope for in a great track: enticing intros, captivating build-up, sustenance of middle substance, relieving interludes, and effortlessly satisfying conclusions. There's a perfect blend of dark and light, slowness and upbeat energy, which brings you up, rather than drains you or drags you down. This CD invigorates!

You'll find there's just the right amount of variety across this release to nourish your listening desire. Be prepared for a sonic encounter of intense pleasure!

- Morgana (November 2004)


Error Deluxe Records




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