Bahntier - Revulsive

Rating: B-

Bahntier’s back with a new release that continues where Randome left off. With dark, pulsating beats that would fly well on any club dancefloor, the music reminds us what industrial is. There is no futurepop in this release.

With minimally distorted, hollow, yelling and determined vocals, I’m reminded of the good old days of industrial when industrial music was industrial music. Just some of the vocals are reminiscent of older Puppy and in fact some of the music reminiscent of that good ol’ 80s industrial dancefloor feel. But this is not a retro-sounding CD.

Prepare to be put into a trance of sorts as your senses are pleasured with the angst and energy that only industrial music has in that danceable sort of way. Why a “trance”? There is not so much typical ‘verse-chorus-verse’ structure in the songs. Rather, you’ll hear a chain of beats and rhythms that repeat, with vocals coming in and out. Some listeners could find this monotonous, but in the right frame of listening mind, you will find yourself lost in this CD in the best of ways.

My favourite tracks are Entrapvoices, Scratched Back, Inauguration of Doom, and Type-1. I believe these best represent this review. Other tracks from this release might seem a bit more drawn out and less interesting to me.

If you liked Randome, you’ll surely enjoy Revulsive.

- DJ Morgana (November 2004)


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