Asche - Distorted DJ

Rating: A-

Ant Zen's Asche flawlessly creates dark powernoise with what seems like a slight influence of progressive trance (don't let those last two words scare you off). Whispery atmospheric samples and harsh pumping beats create a must have for power/rhythmic noise fans. As the name implies, the songs on Distorted DJ are mixed to form a continuous flow. What is really cool about this CD is how Asche lays down new rhythms yet unifies the whole album together by incorporating a recurring sample from in most of the songs. Distorted DJ starts off with the humming of "Goldenday (version)", but progresses as layers to build and build to creating catchy and driving songs. Songs like "dist. dj pt 3" create addicting rhythms over distorted beats which give you the uncontrollable urge to bob your fucking head. Wait…yeah actually it's more like a feeling of just getting your ass up and moving around (but maybe that's just me). My personal favorite track is "dist dj pt 5", which has a pounding beat, a throbbing bass line, distorted vocals, and at one point a ringing machine sound.

The second disc of this album should catch the eye of all my fellow rhythmic noise addicts for it features remixes by well known power/rhythmic noise acts such as Converter, s.i.n.a., Synapscape, and P.A.L. All of the tracks are reworks from Asche's previous album, Distorted Disco. The results are fairly good some of the notable mixes being "Atomic i.c.e. rmx" by Ms Gentur and s.i.n.a.'s "Kiss the Whip rmx".

I must warn you that Distorted DJ can get pretty addicting. But if this does not concern you and you crave some rhythmic noise, this is definitely one to look into.

- Kyle Duffield (December 2004)


Ant-Zen Records
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