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Aghast View - TrendsetterAghast View - Trendsetter

I'm not familiar with Aghast View, "Trendsetter" being the first album I have heard. With this in mind, I've "heard" other albums weren't "very good" (being described as "just another Industrial band"), with their last release improving this with better programming, more intelligent lyrics, and less harsh vocals. The duo from Brazil makes their debut on DSBP with this release.

We have five new previously unreleased tracks on "Trendsetter", with the other nine tracks being remixes. Six of the remixed tracks can originally be found (in their unremixed state) on their last album "Phaseknox".

I really enjoyed the album. While I generally tend to not be terribly fond of this kind of harsh EBM (and this marks my first review of this type of music), Aghast View has created something I enjoy listening to. They have proved themselves to be at the top of the harsh EBM genre now.

It's always bizarre when the first album you hear by a band is a "remix" album, as it can sometimes give you an unrealistic impression of what the band really is "all about". I had a similar experience with Flesh Field, as I heard the "Redemption EP" before I heard "Viral Extinction". This turned out well, as I enjoyed "Viral Extinction" as much as the EP (if not more for being able to hear pure Flesh Field) and felt that the sound of Flesh Field was not misrepresented on the remix album. This said, I'm hoping this album hasn't given me higher hopes than can be fulfilled when Aghast View release their next new album.

Some trance-y sounding elements are present (in the new tracks), a common addition to EBM these days, perhaps making it now what helps to define what EBM is. "Trendsetter" gives a good solid sound, with some great dancefloor tracks... However, I find nothing "new" here in the sound, but really, have I been finding anything "new" these days? Not really. There are many good releases coming out, of sounds already explored, but I haven't found a new exciting sound to be enthusiastic about lately.

I think the highlights [for me] are the remix of Opium of Lust by Manufactura and the remix of Latex Dystemper by Morgenstern. This comes as no surprise to me (and maybe others that follow my likes and dislikes), as I have a predisposition for liking rhythmic noise/noise, and Manufactura & Morgenstern are rhythmic-noise-y/noise-y bands that I have a particular affection for.

This album has left me curious to hear more Aghast View, and I look forward to further releases, as well as backtracking and hearing old releases (specifically tracks that were remixed for this album).

- RaZoRGrrL (April 2003)


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