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Ah Cama-Sotz - La Procesion De la Sangre

Ah Cama-Sotz - La Procesion De la Sangre
Review #1

I need to begin this review with an anecdote. Normally, I wouldn't do this, so I'm not quite sure how to begin, but it actually has pertinence and helps to explain the mood of La Procesion.

I was driving down a country highway, doing a fair speed, just enjoying the drive, when I realized the car was too quiet. So I looked beside me, and to my wondrous eyes, I saw the new Ah Cama-Sotz. "Ah ha," I said to myself, "that will be perfect." A few minutes later I began to feel really anxious, like I was being trailed by a cop or about to break down or something. So I slowed down to ease my mind. The anxiety continued, and finally I reached a set of traffic lights. At this point my anxiety had a reached a climax and I felt terrified, and tried to relax to listen to the music, when leaning back in my seat it dawned on me. The problem was the cd. Well not the problem, but the power of the cd had overcome me. The moods and energy of La Procesion had totally transformed my tranquil mood to stark terror. Amazed, I thought to myself, "I've got to take this cd out", so I put on something, much lighter and continued on my way undisturbed.

So what the hell am I getting at? La Procesion is a powerful album, and Ah Cama-Sotz has created an incredibly emotional sound. The sound works perfectly as a dark soundtrack, an experiment in finding the morbidity of your soul and exposing it to the world. The tracks all serve as perfect exploration into murky depths of misery.

Now about the album itself, a perfect combination of dark ambient soundscapes and rhythms, some tracks remaining completely ambient, while others are much more poundingly rhythmic. The ambient tracks range from feelings of nightmarish isolation to submerged entrapment. The whole disc feels like one giant experience in the dark side of life, a sort of supernatural underworld where demons lay around ever corner. The blood marches onwards washing over the floors, gothic cathedrals haunted by ancient demons, cursed by the devil to challenge in the mystical arts. And that's not to say it's Goth, but evocative of the same emotions. Electronics that resemble true Goth, not cheesy imitations. Sweeps of noise add to the despair and the rhythmic tracks rather than pulling you out, just heighten the enclosure. To further the experience the box set is necessary as it adds three more desperate songs to the mix, although it is fully comprehensible without it.

- Vizgig (June 2003)

Ah Cama-Sotz - La Procesion De la SangreAh Cama-Sotz- La Procesion De la Sangre
Review #2

Great work here. Ah Cama-Sotz is just inspired rhythmic noise. The tribal rhythms and sweeping sounds scapes make this CD a gem. ACS takes you on a sight seeing tour of hell by way of death by cannibalism. I love the way the flow on this disc works too. Brilliant. Pay close attention to the tracks "The Corridors of the Unseen" & "Ko-Brah." I think ACS just keeps getting better and better with each release. One of the pack leaders in hard driving industrial music. EBM posers need not apply.

- Prospero (July 2003)


MantraAh Cama-Sotz - Mantra

The only disappointing aspect of Mantra is that it is an ep. This needs to be a full length. I feel this is by far the strongest release from Ah Cama-Sotz to date, and that really is saying a lot as Terra Infernalis is a great listen. You get some sweet dark ambient and then some intricate beats. The soundscapes are really quite evocative and the beaty songs make you want to move. The same despair present in all Ah Cama-Sotz releases is still here, the gloomy moodiness and the evocative introverted longing still. I think this is becoming one of my all time favourite industrial releases. I mean it has everything I love: nice atmosphere, some good dancing and actual thought put into the creation of the songs. Great ep, however we really need a new full length.

- Vizgig (June 2002)

MantraAh Cama-Sotz - Mantra

"The Dark Path" made me fall in love with Ah Cama-Sotz. This is another solid EP; it's also a good place to start if you haven't listened to any Ah Cama-Sotz before. It is a little taste of everything they can do.

- Prospero (July 2002)


Ah Cama-Sotz - Terra Infernalis

When I first put this, on my life changed. Okay I'm being intolerably overdramatic, but this is just an excellent album. As I grow weary of power-noise it takes even more to inspire me to listen, and Terra does it. To be fair though I really don't think this is noise, it's more like dark ambient., with the occasional rhythmic noise beats. Terra creates an almost hypnotic spell on the listen and you find your self lost in a morbid voyage decaying along the way, until finally discovering the enlightened self within your internal neuroses, or maybe that was just me. The album distinctly creates a beautiful atmosphere, one of pain and contemplation. The keyboards assault you with a feeling of supernatural despair, an eerie longing. The stand out dance track is definitely ill-lektrik, but this album is so much more. A great album to purchase if you're in need of mood music for existential angst.

- Vizgig (June 2002)


Ah Cama-Sotz
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