TiKdistro originated in April of 2002, developed by Squid and RaZoRGrrL as the Distribution wing of the Toronto Industrial Kollective. There was a definite vacuum, and although we started small, we expanded at an incredible rate with no signs of slowing down. We started with one idea in mind: to increase the availability of Industrial music within the Toronto area. Our goals were not based upon reasonable business sense, but rather, a fanatical devotion to the music itself! Our purpose (driven by the love of the music and the desire to have it heard) therefore is to offer hard-to-find and imported titles from around the world at prices cheaper than anywhere else within Toronto, even for domestic releases! There is no need to support large corporate music stores that care nothing for the music! THESE CORPORATIONS ARE RIPPING YOU OFF!

Part of our success so far must surely be because TiKdistro doesn't just wish to merely live off musical trends. We want to help promote music, and promote the enjoyment of music. Our catalogue represents music that we think needs to be heard. Unlike corporations, we don't stock our catalogue with titles that we think will 'move' the fastest, we stock our catalogue with high quality releases!

Our one great hope is that we can get people the music that they know they want, but also give them the opportunity to expand their musical appreciation, exposing themselves to more and more new music. There is no need to limit oneself! The more music you hear, the more you'll appreciate all music!

We are constantly adding more and more titles to our catalogue. Please browse through, we are confident you will find something you like.

Check out the news section for just added titles, or see upcoming for new releases that we will soon have.


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